massive breast models from scoreland archive

Anne Marie 

Age: 33 
Birthday: January 29, 1969 
Height: 5'4" 
Weight: 120 lbs. 
Measurements: 40-24-34
Bra Size: 34E 
Lives: Alexandria,
corina curves Virginia 

Anne Marie's husband convinced her to quit her job with an insurance company and become a dancer. Then Anne Marie got into posing on the web. Now she's in a blisteringly hot SCORE Xtra with a big cock in her mouth.
crystal gunns
 What a great wife. If only they could all be like Anne Marie. She even got on a sex swing over the bed.
anne marie

Annie Swanson Interview Excerpt

V-Mag: Does Voluptuous make girls built like you feel better about the way they look? 
Annie Swanson : I think so. I do. I just feel like I fit in. For so long, not fitting in because everybody else had tiny boobs, or you know, none at all. And now people aren't making bad comments.
crystal storm People are saying, "Wow, she looks great." It's all positive feedback. It's not negative. 
V-Mag: And there's this thing in society in which
crystal topps skinny girls are the fashion models. 
Annie Swanson : Right. You get the skinny 5'9" girls.
daizie kellogg But I'm short, I'm 4'11" and I'm big chested, and I'm not ...
annie swanson

Brittany Love 

This is a babe who has no problem getting all the real dick she could want.
dakota kelly Brittany Love will always prefer the cock of a real man but was still intrigued and puzzled by this fucking machine and its nasty mechanical appurtance. Could it get Brittany Love off? Yes, it did, it fucked her pussy and asshole, although for her, one trial with the gizmo was enough to slake her danni ashe curiosity. Give Brittany Love trouser pipe from now on. Even so, this is a jaw-dropping layout because it's so unusual. "When I use my dildo, I don't have a free hand to play with my breasts. But with this machine, I had both daphne rosen
hands free so I could tug on my nipples and knead my ... 
brittany love
Fucking machines Lovette SCORE Xtra

Lovette Fucking machines was left to her own devices, home improvement devices, this time around, which marks her first, official Fucking machines
debbie jordan Xtra photo shoot. And it was about damned time also. Since 1998, Lovette has been Fucking machines-genized both in the studio and on location in Mexico. We've run soft-core in the days when we couldn't do Xtra (remember that Jeannie costume?). So finally debbie diamond Lovette gets to go "hot Fucking machines" with a dirty, sleazy, filthy raunchy set. It's about fucking time too. She's one of the best at ...
fucking machines

Gemma likes to go dancing, listen to Bon Jovi and watch South Park on the
deanna baldwin telly. Just your typical, healthy British girl with the face of a cherubic angel and darien vain the body of a very bad girl, up all night getting into trouble. "I'd like to try having sex in a glass elevator but I'm too afraid of getting caught. But one day I'm going to do it," Gemma says. You know she'll stick by her word. Speaking dawn stone of stick in, Gemma does, using a finger. 
Gina Marie La Montana 

Now here's a popular superwoman who's been long overdue for another look.
dawn phoenix We've been waiting to finally get Gina Marie La Montana lensed in the models' dressing room shower. Actually, Gina Marie La Montana starts off in a pair of tight bottoms and a wife beater's tee-shirt just to make things more interesting. Have you ever seen a tee look better? No, davina armstrong you haven't. All's well with Gina Marie La Montana, who had a rollerblading mishap a few months ago and injured her knee. "My knee was like a football," the poor baby ...
gina marie lamontana
Shantay with hairy pussy

A guy named Gerald writes: "I'm a member since January 13th 2003. Can you tell me the names of all your hairy pussy models (armpits, legs)? I
cathy patrick looked into the model directory and found Clare and Chloe, two unbelievable sexy women. Do you have other hairy girls?" 
Well, hairy pussy Gerald, if you're still with us
celine deavoux and reading this, you have a fantastic candidate for hairiness in this hot-n-sexy British-Jamaican import named Shantay. You'll love her. She gives great hairy pussy and is a popular ...
hairy pussy
Hannah Callow 

The last time we saw former covergirl Hannah Callow in SCORELAND, she was doing up not one, but two girls in Bosom Buddies #4. Hannah Callow
cindy upps and the great Julia Miles were her playmates. Then there was the match-up with Chaz-arooni, who's also in this issue. In the upcoming SCORE Xtra #8, Hannah Callow takes on (and need we say, incinerates) the trouser steak of a SCORE cindy fulsom
 pistolero in our London studio. But first, a return to solo greatness in this somewhat moody photo shoot with back-to-blonde Hannah Callow ...
hannah callow
Chaka T. Interview Excerpt

V-mag: Have you ever orgasmed from having your nipples licked or touched? 
Chaka T. : Almost. It
colette marquise
 takes a little bit more than that, though. It can get me to the point, but not all the way over the top. 
V-mag: But when you're by yourself with no guy around, and you're
colt 45 enjoying yourself, masturbating, will you pay any attention to your breasts? 
Chaka T. : At first, I'll start out by playing with my breasts, but then before long, I move down south. 
V-mag: Do your tits ...
chaka t

When it comes to danglers,
debbie leigh
Chaz is at the top of the hanger list. Her beauties trigger a Pavlovian mouthwatering response. Chaz too, like several other SCORE and Voluptuous models we've talked to recently, is a victim of boob prejudice in her native country. "In school, the boys would run up to me and grab my boobs. They would pinch carly sparks
 them or grab them and run away laughing." Rotten bastards. A good horsewhipping is what they deserved. We have learned that boob prejudice is a serious problem in American schools. Unfortunately, England, Chaz's ...

What do an ironing board and Inesse have in common? Nothing! Inesse
carolyn monroe weaves her magic with the male of the species, and not always intentionally. "Men always look at me, especially in summer," Inesse tells us. "I try not to recognize their 'looks' and just march to my destination with an 'angry,' confident, kinda look. It helps most of the time, but not always. T-shirts are no help. And carrie lynn
 imagine me wearing black Spandex. Mucho problemos! They stared at me in London when I went there to model for SCORE and Voluptuous, and in my home country they stare even ...
Jade Feng

Throw away any preconceived notions about Chinese women...

V-Mag: Do you always
casey cleavage
 wear a bra? 
Jade Feng : If it's a nice day, I like to wear one of my tight shirts with no bra on. It feels nice to leave the bra home sometimes, and I like the way people stare at
cathy barry
 me as they bounce all around.
V-Mag: How often do you have sex?
Jade Feng : I like it about once a day, sometimes twice, and I like it to last for at least an hour. 
V-Mag: What sexually ...
jade feng


Julian Spencer

Nice bra! Julian Spencer doesn't watch a lot of TV but when she can, she checks out The Anna Nicole Smith Show on E! "It's like a car wreck!" Julian Spencer says. "She fascinates me." But Julian Spencer is a
 busy babe with little down time for the boob tube. Julian Spencer does make plenty of time for sex however. So what kind of guys does this sultry brunette mid-westerner go for? "Someone denise davies who's witty and can make me laugh. I go for intelligence and a sense of humor over looks," she says. "I like a guy who ...
julian spencer
Mary Carey 

This sweet-looking girl used her hair as a toilet brush. Americans may have seen Mary Carey on the Howard Stern TV show sticking her pretty head in his toilet bowl. (SCORE has always
deena duos
 admired the power Howard has over women.) Mary Carey is 22 years-old, born June 15, 1981. Some of you have ties and belts that old. Her weight can fluctuate between 130-136 lbs. In this shoot, Mary's 136. Her dee dee reeves
 measurements: 40-26-36 with a 36DD bra size. Mary lives in South Florida, our backyard, and travels around the country dancing ...
huge breast mary carey
Melissa Carey

You've seen the video of this coupling. Now cums the still set. Melissa Carey is a busty little doll you could spin on the head of your cock. Melissa Carey takes
debi lee very good care of this dude's wang in this pictorial, although, with all due respect, Melissa Carey could have gobbled his cock all the way balls deep down the shaft, not just the knobhead. Don't get us wrong. debbie rochom
Melissa Carey's awesome and we appreciate everything she did for us. This is not a complaint. Far from it. We don't want to sound like ungrateful bastards. Melissa Carey's young and ...
melissa carey
Mia Miluv Interview Excerpt

SCORE: What's your favorite part of sex? 
Mia Miluv : Oh, I love doggy style. I also love to be on top, 'cause I can control my orgasms more. I can let
busty dusty stash it build up and then release when I want. I don't like being on the bottom, 'cause then I don't have busty latin much control. I like being in control.
SCORE: Do you sometimes look at other women, and check out their boobs? 
Mia Miluv : Yes. 
SCORE: You don't have ...
mia miluv
Sana Fey 

The overall hot package since her SCORE debut in 1997, felinesque Sana Fey's dropped out of sight this past year. Her web site has also dropped out of sight. What's up? Has Sana Fey called it a career? Wish we
busty lesbian could tell ya...Whatever the case, we send Sana Fey all best, as usual. She went to Catholic school, then took her first job as an devon michaels aerobics instructor and personal trainer, teaching over 30 aerobic classes a week. Quite a hefty load. In need of money, she met the late ...
natural tit sana fey
Linsey Dawn McKenzie 
Susie Wilden

From Bosom Buddies #5

The drill-dos fly like nunchakus in a Bruce Lee movie. In Susie
devin taylor
  Wilden's ass and pussy. In Linsey's ass and pussy. It's unbelievable what they did to each other. And all we did was turn 'em loose and just hit the shutter button. They did devin de ray
 everything else, from the labia licking to the nipple worship. This was a lezzie love-in of epic proportions. We thought the Chloe-Susie Wilden set was a ball-bag boiler. But this one is ...
susie wilden
Tracy Gibb 

The editor's legendary choice is Tracy Gibb. A fine choice. Where is she now?

"Big, floppy,
brandy dean pliable tits. Fuck-me face. Pouty pussy. You're looking at one of the best, but least known, naturally big-titted porn performers ever, a girl so hot she once took on horse-donged Rocco Siffredi and left him brittany andrews exhausted. She's English babe Tracy Gibb and we're running this pictorial because your V-Mag editor wants to go home and jack to it."
tracy gibb
Vixen LaMoore 

Vixen LaMoores debut in SCORE is the culmination of a personal two year quest. Vixen LaMoore never expected to be the main covergirl this issue. She said it was like an adrenaline rush
brittany o neil when her advance copy arrived in the mail. "I collect big-boob magazines. I never thought I'd be on the cover of one on the shelf in a magazine store." It meant a lot to her. busty angelique Because of all of the publicity from her first SCORE issue, Vixen LaMoore is now Eureka, Cailfornia's #1 big-boobed ...
vixen lamoore

Adele Stephens story
B-day: July 29th
Height: 5' 7"
Weight: 117 lbs
Stats: 38-24-34
Bra size: 32DD
Lives: Wakefield, West Yorkshire

Adele Stephens played off with the cool, classic beauty here in
busty brianna this shoot... and with the backdrop of the beautiful Adele Stephens in the last picture of these series... Frolicking on the beach in bikinis, boob jiggling foot races, busty dusty naked poolside exercise sessions, behind the scenes in the makeup and dressing rooms, photo ...
extrem boobs adele stephens

Alexis Amore This Cunt For Hire.

What puts Alexis Amore over the top is the way she stares with parted lips directly into the SCORE
black boobs camera lens while a monster cock pounds in her. SCORE flew in the spirited Latina to Miami from Los Angeles for this shoot based on the recommendation of none other than Minka, of all people.blonde busty And we thought that Minka didn't associate with anyone less than a double I-cup. Shows what we know. Anyway, Minka said that Alexis Amore fucked really ... 
busty tit alexis amore

Audra Mitchell story

Height : 5'2"
Weight : 132 lbs
Stats : 42-26-39
Bra Size 34DDD or 34E
Lives San Diego California

Audra Mitchell more than fulfills the everpresent busty
blonde teen schoolgirl fantasy mainly because A) she's still young and cuddly enough to pull it off. B) Audra Mitchell is bonita bust one.
The shoes could have been a little nympho-hotter than chunky Oxfords, (platform heels over socks would ...
audra mitchell

Casey James story

SCORELAND : You're a voyeur too, no?
CASEY JAMES : To a certain degree, yes. I can't say I've ever really
bonnie michaels just sat around and watched people having sex, but I understand the turn-on. It's something I wouldn't mind doing.
boob cruise let me ask you the question this way: When you're having sex, do you like to keep your eyes open? Are you a watcher?...
busty angel casey james

Devon Daniels story

Birthday: August 28
Height: 5'1"
Weight: 110 lbs.
Measurements: 42-24-34
Bra Size: 36E
Born, Raised and Lives: Jupiter,
betty boob Florida

Devon Daniels Incredible as it may seem,
big naturals Devon Daniels only posed for six short months. Her impact in SCORE and with titty men has been incalculable. ...
busty chick devon daniels

Kimberly Kupps career is still going as strong as ever. A tower of power, 5'10" Kimberly Kupps big tits in leather qualifies as possibly the tallest superbabe in the SCORELAND roster. She was also one of the first to go the hardcore way, making lots of filthy smut, billie hart including Mellon Man #3, available through the SCORELAND store. Kimberly Kupps is also a rarity in having gone the extreme gang bang covered-in-come route, something no SCORELAND model has ...
nasty tits kimberly kupps

Kyla Cole story

Age: 23
B-day : Nov 10
Height : 5' 9"
Weight : 115 lbs.

Kyla Cole
black and stacked got an unusual start in nudie modeling. "In the summer of 1999", reads the publicity at the Monticello Raceway website, "one of the black big boobs first entrants for the Miss Raceway Monticelli beauty pagaent, was a young slovak (Kyla Cole) in the States working as a campus counselor. It was aapparent ...
horny juggs kyla cole

Maxi Mounds story

Maxi Mounds made this "Jungle Maxi Mounds One Million Years B.C." (before the Boob Cruise) costume
candy hall with her own sweet little hands. Just one of her many talents. We're not just saying that to suck up to her gazongas. Maxi Mounds would brain us with that cavewoman club if she detected any candye kane insincerity on our part. This eyepopping pictorial became one of our fast favorites as soon as the lab shot it back. What would ...
maxi mounds

Nadine Jansen story

It seems like just yesterday that Nadine Jansen debuted in SCORE (February '01). Nadine Jansen was in
candy connelly
 her nature-girl, almost hippie-like phase, brand new to posing, not unlike Roberta Pedon. All Nadine Jansen needed was the candy cantaloupes  head band...

Since then, a flood of letters continued to pour in, of course, asking when Nadine Jansen will make her SCORE encore. ...
busty tit nadine jansen


SCORELAND: I still can't believe I'm interviewing Pandora Peaks!
candy andes You talk to dancers all the time, why am I any different?
SCORELAND: The funny thing is, I've only seen a few pictorials of you, I've never read an interview and I've only seen one video - "SCORE's Superstars" - but, aside from a
busty on the beach few hundred readers who write in every month asking for you, I'm you're biggest ...
natural model pandora peaks

Rocki Roads story

From the SCORE Archives, the magnificence of Rocki Roads in London, shot by the John Graham team back in 1996. This is a beautiful,
autumn jade
unpublished pictorial that was being saved for a future time. And that time is now. 

Since that time, Rocki Roads went on to become one of the most gorgeous of all XXX porn stars. Rocki Roads career in XXX kicked off that year and ended in
becky sunshine
2000. Not one to appear in hundreds of movies, her filmography is small, although Rocki Roads ... 
great natural rocki roads

Sharday story

For those of you who complained about previous Sharday photo sets with baseballs or food substances, this pictorial is for you. So quit yer fuckin' bitchin' already! In this new layout, Sharday's wearing -- for a
anita agni
short time -- a hot-looking two-piece outfit that's guaranteed to crank your wank in record time. The big question is whether Sharday will take V-Mag Model of the Year again after her first landslide, take-no-prisoner victory last year. Will anita cannibal
she? Or will someone edge her out this time. Back in Texas, Sharday is ...

Summer Leigh: The other day we got a letter from a guy complaining about the "hard" pictures in our magazines. Guess he was in a grouchy mood and felt compelled to vent his belief that beautiful, busty SCORELAND anna live
girls sticking dildos in their pussies, and having sex with men, and other women was sleazy and obscene. He hates SCORELAND magazine's Xtra insert section. The older, more teasing styles of posing ashley evans
were better, he writes. And on, and on. Yada, yada, yada. So, he threatened never to buy SCORELAND and Voluptuous ever ...
summer leigh

Tanya Danielle story

As a box cover model for several jack aids, like the Titty Blow Masturbator and Big Bazooka Babe ("Unload all over my bazookas!"), Tanya Danielle is very familiar with sex toys of all kinds... California Exotic angelica sin
Novelties kindly sent SCORELAND a Titty Blow last year. It's a palm-sized piece of soft plastic with a small hole in the middle and shaped into two boobs and a mouth. Not angie sweet
much to look at whack-off time so they put Tanya Danielle ...
busty tit tanya danielle

Tiffany Towers story

SCORE picked up steam in 1994 with the arrival of Danni Ashe, Dixie Bubbles, Minka, Dakota Kelly, Shayne Fawntanna, Tiffany Towers, Colt 45, Angelique and a big brassiere cup-full of alana ambrose
more sexy girls. There's a misperception that the early years of SCORE were all super-augmented, slim-n-stacked stripper-babes, but LaTina, Taylor Marie,alexis fire
  Tiffany Towers, Ingrid and Tracy West were very popular early ... 
busty dusty tiffany towers

Traci Topps story

"All's well and happy," Traci Topps said when we phoned her recently to say hi. It's been four years since she retired in 1998 but her popularity endures. alicia rhodes
In 1995, we experimented by publishing front and back covers, usually changing out the model for each one. The idea behind this was to keep the alyssa alps
SCORE logo visible in case a newsstand browser shoved the magazine into the rack backwards, which many ... 
natural mammaries traci topps


Wendy Whoppers story
The editorial staff agonized over the final selection for each year. Agonized. Who should it be? Letha Weapons? Deena Duos? Zoryna Dreams? adara michaels
Candy Cantaloupes? All were worthy. When the wheel stopped spinning, the pointer stopped at Wendy Whoppers. 1993 was a major year in the adina
onslaught of the mega-boobed girls. The revolution was at fever pitch. The boob magazines were at war on the newsstands. The girls were...
extreme tits wendy whoppers

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